Sam Fenua Pepere

I find that often in my work I seek to portray an emotion. This process allows me to express myself, shape a feeling into a form or color and set it free onto canvas. I find that as an artist, I need to create in order to have a sense of release and growth. Most of the images presented through my work are depictions of various emotions I am feeling at the time of creation. My work often shows primary feelings of angst and through it, a sense of curiosity for the images themselves.

For as long as I remember, I’ve often seen things differently than what they are. Objects morph into creatures and creatures transform into objects; forms become liquid and liquid changes into forms. My solid reality and fluid imagination constantly bleed into one another. Being able to bring this vivid private world into life on canvas gives me immense satisfaction. I create art to allow people to see what I see and open a window into my world. These images and the subject matter are used to show people em

IG: @samofearth